TinyTapers.com is the love child of husband and wife team Houston and Trine Wilson.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark we had a shop called Danish Vintage Design, and sold Danish design lighting and furniture over a period of six years. It was during this time we discovered and fell in love with the beautiful Tiny Tapers and their candleholders, designed by Jens Harald Quistgaard for DANSK DESIGNS. And also when we found out that it was nearly impossible to find the right candles for them, unless we found vintage ones. The problem with vintage candles being that we would not be able to burn them, as 20+ years of aging made them unreliable, sparkable and thus a fire hazard.

But then we found ElseMarie Haulund - who was the only artisan candle maker left in the entire world, who still produced them to the specifications of the original production - dripless, sootless and with an even burn rate.

For a number of years we collaborated with her, and had her produce them for our store specifically, and we marketed and sold them to starving DANSK candleholder owners all over the world.

In 2018 ElseMarie wanted to retire from making candles, and that could easily have been the end of these rare and beautiful candles. But we decided that we, and the world of DANSK candlestick owners were not ready to let them be a thing of the past. So we purchased ElseMarie's equipment, the secret formula and were trained long and hard in how to make them ourselves.

In 2020 we closed our store to be able to persue new adventures, but we have felt an obligation to continue producing the Tiny Tapers, and to continue this nearly lost artisan tradition - and as far as we know, we are now the only ones left who produce them - still hand dipped, full colored and in line with the original recipe.

We hope you will enjoy them, just as much as we love making them!

Team TinyTapers.com