DANSK DESIGNS - Saucer Spray

Polished brass candleholder for up to six Tiny Tapers by Jens Harald Quistgaard for Dansk Designs in 1964. A simple round base with an elevated platform with 6 slightly oval-shaped indentations with holders for the candles. The placement of the holders make the long thin candle spread out like a fan.

The Saucer Spray was also produced in silver-plate.

Model no.: 1756 (brass), 2156 (silver-plate)
Designer: Jens Harald Quistgaard
Produced by: DANSK DESIGNS
Design year: 1964
Dimensions: Diameter: 3.9″ (10 cm) Height: 0.8″ (2 cm)

Our original recipe Tiny Tapers fit the DANSK Saucer Spray candleholder