LILJEHOLMENS – Flower taper holder


Candlestick by Swedish Liljeholmens Stearinfabrik AB, 1970s. Cast iron candleholder for Tiny Tapers incl. 2 boxes of new Tiny Tapers

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LILJEHOLMENS – Flower taper holder – cast iron candleholder for Tiny Taper candles – also known as Flower Tapers. Including 2 boxes of 12 new original recipe hand dipped Tiny Tapers.
Cast iron candleholder for 6 Tiny Tapers by Swedish Liljeholmens Stearinfabrik AB in the 1970s. Shaped like a small flower with its holders tilted away from the center, the long thin Tiny Tapers spread out like a fan. Underneath marked Japan.

Originally produced by DANSK in Denmark, the cast iron Tiny Taper candleholders were marketed all over the world, and also inspired the manufacturing of competing brands across the planet.

The candlestick has been cleaned and treated to a careful curing process, to bring back the beautiful black cast iron color and prolong the life of the piece.

Included in this listing are the LILJEHOLMENS – Flower taper holder candleholder and 2 boxes of 12 new Tiny Tapers made specially for DANSK candleholders. Choose any Tiny Taper combination among our six color options (white, red, yellow, orange, purple or black) – please write in the order notes which color combinations you want.

To our knowledge is the only artisan candlemaker left in the entire world, who still produce these in line with the original quality concept of the DANSK Tiny Tapers – dripless, sootless, and with an even 2+ hour burn rate – we are very proud to be able to continue this tradition!

Flower taper holder – Diameter: 3″ (7,5 cm)
Flower taper holder – Height: 1″ (2,5 cm)
Taper – Diameter: ca. 0.3″ (0,7-0,8 cm)
Taper – Height: ca. 13.4″ (34 cm)

TAPER BURN TIME: More than 2 hours.

CONDITION: Excellent vintage condition, minimal signs of usage and age. Cleaned, cured and packed in protective plastic cover.
Tiny Tapers are new! Please write in the order notes which color combination you want.

MATERIALS: Cast iron, Tiny Tapers (cotton wick, stearin, paraffin)

SHIPPING: Packed with the utmost care for safe transport. Shipped worldwide with priority postal services, insured and tracked.
From Denmark to anywhere in 1-10 days depending on destination.